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GLMPI Sisterhood & Mentoring Circle

Centered around culturally relevant media (book/music/poetry/film), girls come together as a group to discuss life in a safe and open forum where they form bonds of sisterhood and learn to lift each other up. In addition, they reflect on their individual impact on others and the community as a whole. One adult mentor is matched with five girls to offer guidance, support, life-skill development, as well as exposure, and engagement.

Digitally Innovative Voices of Advocacy Sisters (D.I.V.A.S)

Our 6 to 13-week signature program uses research and solutions-based curriculum to train girls in media literacy and production for the purpose of empowering them to critically examine the media they consume, and ultimately curate and create independent, digital-content that influences society’s perception of Black girls. The outcomes offer an alternative to the dominant devaluing and violent messages that otherwise influence girls’ behavior and ambitions. Work is showcased in a culminating exhibit and used for cultural exchange with international audiences, community gatherings, and festivals. 

Saturday Sessions

Girls Like Me Project, Inc hosts Saturday Sessions/Sister Circles. Girls are exposed to sisterhood, social-emotional development, digital storytelling, fun, and learning!

Global Connections

Our global connections program sponsors international experiences for girls and leverages technology to foster global sisterhood.

Pampered Power Talks

Since 2013, this event helps make the connection between wellness and grooming habits to STEM career interests. Girl ages 11-16 receive pampering services while being exposed to women in STEM pioneers and professionals, and interactive, STEM centered do-it-yourself projects such as model car building, fragrance making, cooking demos, and STEM personal development match assessments. This event takes place the last Saturday in March during Women’s History Month.