WATCH: Raising Black Girl Magic

What role should parents play in affirming our girls? If you are in search of new ways to boost your daughter's self-esteem or to simply hear an empowering conversation about the conversations we should start having with our daughters at an early age. Take a moment today to watch to a powerful discussion featuring our founder, La'Keisha Gray-Sewell, Jamila Trimuel, founder of Ladies of Virtue, and Sheri Johnson Crawley, founder of Pretty Brown Girl; a non-profit developed to empower Black and Brown girls while encouraging self-acceptance by cultivating social, emotional and intellectual well-being.

My goal now is to make sure that this generation of girls don't hold the dreams that God has given them. - Sheri Johnson Crawley

Sheri Johnson-Crawley, founder & CEO of Pretty Brown Girl and mother of two daughters shares motherhood and mentoring advice

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